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Innovation was a small, independent comic book publishing company that grew in popularity in the early 1990s. Innovation specialized in serializing the adventures of various licensed properties including Lost in Space, Quantum Leap, Interview With the Vampire and Dark Shadows. In 1992, they published Dark Shadows: Book One, a four issue limited series that chronicled the later adventures of the Dark Shadows revival series. Although it was intended for a monthly distribution, Book One suffered from an irregular publishing schedule, and the mini-series was not fully released until the summer of 1993. Later that same year, Innovation published Dark Shadows: Book Two – Lost In Thought. Like its predecessor, Book Two was a four issue limited series. Dark Shadows: Book Three was likewise intended to be a four issue limited series, but Innovation Comics went out of business at this time, and only the first issue was released. The remainder of the series was never completed.

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