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Immurement is the act of sealing someone inside a room with no way to get out, leaving the person to die of starvation or dehydration.

In 1795, Reverend Trask was immured by Barnabas Collins for his role in bringing Victoria Winters to trial for witchcraft (442).

In 1840, Barnabas Collins was immured in the Trask Funeral Parlor by Lamar Trask, the son of the man he immured in 1795. Barnabas was lucky as he was discovered before he died and freed by Julia Hoffman and Angelique Collins.

In 1897, Gregory Trask, the great-grandson of Reverend Trask, met a similar fate when his second wife, Judith Collins Trask, and Tim Shaw immured him inside Quentin Collins' room after she discovered he had used sorcery to have Tim murder his first wife and then tried to drive Judith mad. This represented an effective change due to time travel since originally it had been Quentin whose corpse had been in the room. Originally David Collins and Amy Jennings freed his Spirit in 1968 when they located the room and Quentin's dessicated corpse. Unlike most immurements in Collinsport, Gregory Trask was not tied up, but free to walk around and try to escape. His wife thoughtfully provided a telephone for him so he could hear her voice. The last thing he heard was the good news that she had left a pistol in the room with one bullet (884). Judith assumed Gregory used this bullet, which would be consistent with the original corpse since originally Quentin was shot to death by Beth Chavez.

In 1968, Barnabas Collins was immured for the first time (this occurred before Barnabas time-traveled to 1840) by the spirit of Reverend Trask, who was summoned by Nicholas Blair. First Trask held a mock trial with the ghosts of many of Barnabas' victims as the jury (512). This time Barnabas was saved by Julia Hoffman and Willie Loomis (516).