Quentin and Charity in dream sequence

Quentin and Charity in dream sequence.

"I Wanna Dance With You" is a specially recorded song that featured in 873. The vocals are by Nancy Barrett and David Selby. The lyrics are a variation upon that of Pansy Faye's song, another track featured in the show, "I'm Gonna Dance For You".

"I Wanna Dance With You" Lyrics:

SELBY: May I have this dance?

BARRETT: Oh, I'd be delighted

'SELBY: Your so lovely tonight

BARRETT: Oh, thank you

SELBY: I wanna dance with you

SELBY: Wanna dance my cares away

BARRETT: I'll be so close to you

BARRETT: In your arms i'll always stay

BOTH: Our hearts will beat in tune

BOTH: In the rhythm of our love

SELBY: It's always been said

SELBY: That life is a song

BARRETT: So why don't we both

BARRETT: Just dance along

BOTH: Around and around together we two

BOTH: Oh, I wanna dance with you.

BARRETT: Oh, my darling

SELBY: Your beautiful, never leave me, never leave me

BARRETT: I love you always, hold me, forever

SELBY: Oh my darling

"I'm Gonna Dance For You" Lyrics:

I'm gonna dance for you

Gonna dance your cares away

I'll do the hootchie-coo

And the Ta-ra-boom-de-ay

I'll sing a happy song while

I dance the whole night long

When the music begins

I'll give you some spins

I'll even invent a step or two

So on with the show

You'll love it I know

Oh, I'm going to dance for you

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