Hilary Cooper was a doctor at Windcliff Sanitarium
Hilary Cooper
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Brendan O'Rourke

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The Paper to the Flame

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Hilary Cooper



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Experiments on Sebastian ShawEdit

In 1970, Sebastian Shaw escorted Maggie Evans to Windcliff Sanitarium. He collapsed shortly after he arrived. He was treated by Doctor Laurie Norris and then, following her death, briefly by Doctor Bernard Kear.

Two weeks later, Sebastian was being looked after by Doctor Hilary Cooper. Hilary, however, used electroconvulsive therapy on Sebastian, causing him to have a complete breakdown. As his patient lay in a coma, Hilary altered his records to show that Sebastian had fallen into a coma moments after his arrival at Windcliff.

Arrival at Collinwood Edit

In 1984, Doctor Cooper arrived at Collinwood to collect Bramwell Collins so that he could escort him to Windcliff. He told Quentin that the family could visit Bramwell whenever they wanted.

Later Life Edit

In August 2003, Maggie Evans, now Head of Administration at Windcliff, went to visit Sebastian. Doctor Cooper was called to receiving during her visit. A short while later, Maggie was called into Windcliff by Doctor Jacqueline Tate as a number of patients were behaving oddly. Maggie, accompanied by Quentin, spoke to Hilary about the patients' symptoms.


Sebastian ShawEdit

Sebastian told Hilary that he could see into the future and that, one day, he would be "old and bitter and trapped".

Maggie EvansEdit

Maggie described Hilary as "a good doctor". 

Jacqueline TateEdit

Jacqueline gave him the nickname "Cooper-Scooper" as she felt he was "creepy". 

Background information and notesEdit

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