This article is for the Collinsport deputy. For information on other Harrys, see Harry (disambiguation).

Harry Shaw was a deputy in Collinsport, Maine in 1967, under Sheriff Jonas Carter and Carter's successor George Patterson.

After Roger Collins' car accident, Carter spoke to Harry on the telephone and asked him to investigate the traffic lights outside the church where the accident happened. He later asked Harry contact Lt. Frank Palmer to get any possible information on Burke Devlin. Harry called Jonas back with information. (23). After the death of Bill Malloy, Patterson asked Matthew Morgan to show Harry where he had found the body (54). Patterson later asked Harry to keep an eye on Sam Evans and asked him to call the doctor about Malloy's autopsy (57). Patterson later chased him for a tide chart as part of the investigation (60).

Harry was never seen onscreen. He was first mentioned in 23. His last name was not revealed until 54.
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