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This article is for the Collinsport taxi driver. For information on other Harrys, see Harry (disambiguation).

Harry Jones ran the taxi service in Collinsport in 1967. On the night Victoria Winters arrived in town, Harry had gotten a flat tire, so he was delayed in driving her to Collinwood. In 1984, Vivian Bell called Harry asking for a lift into Collinsport. Later, Amy Jennings called his taxi requesting a lift from the Greenfield Inn to Collinwood (Bloodline).

Harry Jones was mentioned in 1, but never seen on screen.
In chapter 1 of Dark Shadows, Marilyn Ross' first novel in the Dark Shadows Series published by Paperback Library, the taxi driver is referred to as Henry Jones (Harry is frequently a nickname for Henry). He drove Victoria to Collins House, all the way talking about the strange Collins family, much like waitress Maggie Evans had done earlier in the same chapter. He has a flat tire on the way to Collins House and Vicki holds a flashlight as he attempts to change it. Interestingly, in episode 1 of the show, it is mentioned that he is late picking Vicki up at the Collinsport Inn because he is changing a flat tire. The dialogue in the novel is not from the TV script, though the introductory scenes are somewhat similar.