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HarperCollins was a media publishing company owned by Harper & Row. Beginning in 1998, HarperCollins began publishing a new series of Dark Shadows novels. The series was framed within the continuity presented in the original Dark Shadows television series although the storylines took many liberties with themes and characterizations presented in the television show. The continuity of the HarperCollins novels is not consistent with the earlier Marilyn Ross novels published by Paperback Library. To date, only two novels have been published under HarperCollins. Beginning in 2006, publishing of the series continued under Tor Books beginning with Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch, written by Lara Parker.

1. Dark Shadows: Angelique's Descent

Author: Lara Parker
  • December 1998

2. Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark

Authors: Stephen Mark Rainey and Elizabeth Massie
  • October 1999


Despite the company's name, HarperCollins has absolutely nothing to do with the distinguished Collins family of New England.