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Hallie Stokes
Production Information
Portrayed by

Kathleen Cody

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Audio appearances

Carriage of the Damned Tainted Love

Biographical Information

Hallie Stokes


16 (1970)

Date of birth


Year of death

1970 (negated timeline)

Manner of death

Killed by Gerard Stiles who was possessed by Judah Zachery (negated timeline)

Family members

Timothy Eliot Stokes (Uncle)

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Hallie Stokes was the niece of Professor Timothy Eliot Stokes. She first met Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman when they returned from 1995 on 3 August 1970. Her parents had died about six months earlier in an accident. She had been staying with other relatives when Professor Stokes had brought her to Collinwood (1071). She was close to the same age as David Collins, and had begun studying with the boy's governess, Maggie Evans (1073).

Hallie bore a striking resemblance to Carrie Stokes, an ancestor from the year 1840. In an alternate timeline, Hallie became possessed by the spirit of Carrie (1073) and worked to perform a ritual that would bring Carrie's 1840 governess, Daphne Harridge, back to life (1098). She and the similarly possessed David Collins succeeded in restoring Daphne (1099), but were murdered by the evil ghost of Gerard Stiles not long after (1109). She later appeared as a ghost combining elements of both herself and Carrie Stokes in the year 1995 (1066). This timeline was prevented when Barnabas and Julia traveled back to 1840 and altered the events that led to the children's possession in the present (1198). Which means that Hallie is still alive and her death never occured.


Hallie first appeared in the year 1995, when Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman were transported there after escaping from Parallel Time and saw that the estate was in ruins. The two saw Hallie, a ghost, wearing 19th century clothing and dancing a minuet with the ghost of David Collins.

Hallie played a vital role in assisting Barnabas and Julia while they were in the future. She distracted the Sheriff from destroying Barnabas, which allowed Barnabas to capture him, and then revealed the magical Staircase Through Time after the evil spirit of Gerard Stiles trapped them in the Playroom. Barnabas and Julia then used the staircase to escape the future and return to their proper time of 1970 (1069).

Later Life[]

In the mid-1970s Sabrina Jennings, looking for the head of Gerard Stiles, encountered Hallie on a train. The grown-up Hallie was a colder character, especially as she had fallen out with her uncle. They worked together to save the train passengers. Following this, she returned to Collinsport. (Carriage of the Damned).

In the mid-1980s, she reunited with David Collins and Amy Cunningham. (Tainted Love).


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