The greenhouse at Collinwood

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The greenhouse was located on the southwestern side of the Collinwood estate in Collinsport, Maine. In July of 1970, young David Collins was playing with a ball inside the greenhouse when he accidentally threw the ball too harshly, breaking some of the glass frames.

In 1971, the ghost of the witch Angelique Collins haunted the grounds of the estate, where many bizarre occurrences were known to take place, including the greenhouse. Collinwood's owner, Quentin Collins and his wife, Tracy, once had a picnic outside the greenhouse. The spirit of a 19th century witch named Angelique watched over them.

Alex Jenkins, a good friend of Quentin Collins', once came over to visit and believed that he saw somebody skulking around near the greenhouse. He ran over to investigate, when the ghost of Angelique caused the roof of the greenhouse to shatter, sending thousands of shards of broken glass down on top of him. Alex managed to get out of the building without suffering any undue harm.

Notes Edit

  • The events involving David Collins and Quentin's picnic were both deleted scenes not shown in the final prints of their respective films.

Appearances Edit

House of Dark Shadows (scenes deleted)

House of Dark Shadows (novel)

Night of Dark Shadows (scenes deleted)

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