Granny Whitlock

Granny Whitlock

Granny Whitlock was an elderly woman that lived in the hollows of Collinsport during the early 1990’s. She is the widow of Bert Whitlock, a man who came to Collinsport to work the shipyards over fifty years ago. Bert had taught his wife the skill of woodworking and she uses this knowledge to whittle custom made, hand crafted dolls. Bert and Granny had a child named Clovis, but Granny has not seen her son in over ten years.

In 1991, Maggie Evans came to Granny’s cottage to perform a tarot card reading. Granny had little interest in the affair, but allowed Maggie to perform the reading just the same. Soon after, the ghost of a young girl named Robin took possession of one of Granny’s dolls, Cassie.

Notes Edit

  • Granny Whitlock is an original character who was featured exclusively in the Dark Shadows comic book series. She never appeared in the television show.

Appearances Edit

Dark Shadows: Book Three #1

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