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Gloria (d. 1990) was a young woman who lived in Collinsport, Maine. One evening she went out with her boyfriend to a country-western roadhouse bar. She became agitated when she found her boyfriend dancing with the lascivious Carolyn Stoddard and stormed out of the bar into the night. In the parking lot, she came upon an austere gentleman named Barnabas Collins.

Gloria is bitten by Barnabas.

Hoping to get back at her boyfriend, she began flirting with him, not realizing that Barnabas was a vampire. He attacked her and began to drink her blood. Gloria's boyfriend came out of the bar and witnessed the spectacle. He ran across the parking lot to stop Barnabas, but the vampire easily fended him off before biting him as well. The bodies of both Gloria and her boyfriend were later discovered in the parking lot.


Gloria and her boyfriend died from natural blood loss, and as such did not become vampires.

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