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George Patterson (MGM)
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George Patterson



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George Patterson was the county Sheriff of Collinsport, Maine. In June of 1970 he was called in to investigate a strange attack made against a woman named Daphne Budd. Daphne had been a secretary to Elizabeth Collins Stoddard and was found wandering about in a daze on the footpath leading towards the Collins family estate, Collinwood. Two strange marks were found upon her throat resembling animal bites. Sheriff Patterson consulted with a physician named Dr. Julia Hoffman – a friend of the Collins family. Hoffman promised to look after Daphne and report her findings to Patterson.

A few nights later, Sheriff Patterson was called in to investigate another incident bearing similarities to the Daphne Budd attack. A mysterious stalker attacked a woman named Nancy Hodiak on Beach Road near the art studio of Jeff Clark. Jeff and his girlfriend, Maggie Evans found Nancy's body and reported it to the police.

A third such attack convinced the sheriff that they had a serial killer on their hands. Carolyn Stoddard's body had been found dead in the foyer of Collinwood. Patterson attended Carolyn's funeral, but was no closer to a suspect than he was before. An occultist named Professor Timothy Eliot Stokes informed the sheriff that the fiend terrorizing Collinsport was a vampire. Patterson took Stokes’ story with a grain of salt, but was willing to listen to any theory that might yield results. As Stokes predicted, Carolyn Stoddard rose from the grave as a vampire.

Sheriff Patterson consulted his deputies and instructed them to utilize an unorthodox approach towards stopping this recent rash of murders. He armed them with silver bullets and large, hand-held crucifixes. A few nights passed and Patterson and his men discovered Carolyn hiding inside of the Collins family stables. The deputies cornered Carolyn and held her down to the ground while Professor Stokes pounded a wooden stake into her heart, destroying her.


Sheriff Patterson employed several deputies under his command. The following are just a few of the notable officers that were present during the incidents that took place in June of 1970.