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A flashback is an interjected scene that takes the narrative back in time from the current point the story has reached. Flashbacks are often used to recount events that happened before the story's primary sequence of events to fill in crucial backstory. They are used to create suspense in a story, develop a character or structuring the narration. The following is a list of flashbacks to have occurred in the original series:

Character Description
1 Victoria Winters Discusses job offer from Elizabeth with Mrs. Hopewell.
1 Victoria Winters Packing for Collinsport.
271 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Paul's 'death', 18 years ago.
272 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Paul's 'death', 18 years ago.
584 Maggie Evans Trip to Collins mausoleum with Julia, (occured in 283).
588 Maggie Evans Willie Loomis giving her an old fashioned dress to wear, playing Josette's music box for her to listen to, and preparing her to be Josette for Barnabas.
588 Maggie Evans Barnabas locking her inside his coffin as punishment for escaping, (occured in 248).
610 Eve Past life as Danielle Roget with Peter Bradford.
626 Victoria Winters Execution in 1796.
661 Barnabas Collins The night Victoria was hanged in 1796: Naomi's death, the murder of Nathan, and Joshua's decision to chain up Barnabas instead of destroying him, (occured in 456 to 460).
698 Sabrina Stuart Discovering Chris as a werewolf.
767 Jamison Collins A dream he had about the Collins family of 1969.
836 Beth Chavez (ghost) Quentin's death.
871 Angelique Bouchard Collins
The creation and subsequent destruction of the Barnabas duplicate.
900 Paul Stoddard The pact he made with the Leviathans 20 years ago.
922 Amanda Harris Quentin leaving her in 1897, and the pact she made with Mr. Best at the Stopping Off Place.
938 Barnabas Collins The night he was transported to 1796 and captured by the Leviathans, (occured in 884 to 887).
948 Amy Jennings A dream she had about Quentin's ghost.
1140 Angelique Bouchard Collins Past life as Miranda DuVal at the trial of Judah Zachery in 1692.
1182 Samantha Drew Collins Visiting Joanna at the asylum.
1182 Samantha Drew Collins Murdering Joanna.
1231 James Forsythe How the family curse began in 1680.