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Eric Hanley was one of the Sheriff's deputies in Collinsport in 1983.

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Eric Hanley
Production Information
Portrayed by

Daniel Collard

First appearance


Last appearance

Tainted Love

Biographical Information

Eric Hanley

Date of birth


Year of death

1983 and 1984

Manner of death

Attacked by Kate Ripperton


Deputy Sheriff

Family members

Father (mentioned in Bloodlust) Mother (mentioned in Bloodlust)

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Eric Hanley was born in 1953 (Tainted Love). Eric's father was a farmer whose livestock was once drained of blood. His mother used to take him to see Dave Woodard whenever he was ill (Bloodlust).

Later Life[]

Eric assisted Sheriff Rhonda Tate with her investigation into the murder of Melody Devereux.

When Rhonda was deposed, Eric continued to assist the new Sheriff, Maggie Evans, with the investigation. He didn't approve of Maggie's draconian methods of protecting Collinsport and secretly took evidence to Rhonda so she could unofficially continue her investigation.

While at the scene of Isaiah Trask's shooting, he talked to Kate Ripperton. Seeing that she was disturbed, he offered to drive her back into the town, but she declined his offer (Bloodlust).


After finishing a shift at work, Eric went to The Blue Whale and ordered a beer. He chatted to Ed Griffin, Benjamin Franklin and Jacqueline Tate. Kate Ripperton, now a vampire, joined them in the bar and, unable to control her urges attacked and killed Eric (Bloodlust).


On 14 February, 1984, Eric's body was summoned up out of his grave by Hallie Stokes so that she could communicate with Rosier. Rosier then left Eric's body but retained his voice. Eric, briefly alive once more, was then quickly destroyed by Hallie (Tainted Love).