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Epitaph is a specially recorded spoken word track narrated by Jonathan Frid . Recorded in 1969, "Epitaph" was released as the eleventh track on the album Original Music From Dark Shadows (Volume 1) in its LP and later compact disc printings. The music is composed by Robert Cobert with words from a poem written by Christina Rosetti.


Oh, Earth, lie heavily upon her eyes;

Seal her sweet eyes weary of watching, Earth;

Lie close around her: Leave no room for mirth

With its harsh laughter, nor for sound of sighs.

She hath no questions, she hath no replies,

Hushed in and curtained with a blessed dearth

Of all that irked her from the hour of birth;

With stillness that is almost paradise.

Darkness more clear than noonday holdeth her,

Silence, more musical than any song;

Even her very heart has ceased to stir:

Until the morning of eternity

Her rest shall not begin nor end, but be;

And when she wakes, she will not think it long.