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Episode 8

1991 / 1790


Joanna Going as Victoria Winters


Linda Campanelli, William Gray & Shelly Moore


Dan Curtis


1991, February 15

Episode 8 Gallery
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A jealous Angelique uses witchcraft to prevent the marriage of Barnabas and Josette Du Pres. A deadly dual ensues.



My name is Victoria Winters. As seance in the Great House of Collinwood has opened a bridge through time. Across the span of centuries two women have traded places. One has been thrust into an unimaginable future -- the other hurled into the past where she comes face to face with herself.

In 1790, Angelique Bouchard casts a spell to make Josette du Prés and Jeremiah Collins fall in love. Aware of what will happen, Victoria Winters attempts to warn Countess Natalie du Prés of Jeremiah's impending death.

In the present, Phyllis Wicke is brought to Collinwood by the police, where Dr. Julia Hoffman diagnoses her with diphtheria. Barnabas Collins becomes fearful that, when Phyllis Wicke dies of her condition, Victoria will be trapped in the eighteenth century.

Back in the past, Barnabas, enraged at his brother's running off with Josette, tracks the lovers to an inn in Boston. He attacks Jeremiah, but stops when Josette informs them of their marriage. Barnabas calls Josette a whore and Jeremiah challenges Barnabas to a duel. Barnabas accepts, although Barnabas he confides to Stokes that he has no intention of killing Jeremiah. He makes sure the gun is not loaded, however Angelique uses magic to ensure Jeremiah's death during the duel. Josette runs to her husband's side and swears that she will never forgive Barnabas for killing the only man she could ever love.

Barnabas, Ben, and Peter accompany Josette and the body of Jeremiah back to the Old House. Barnabas tries to explain to his mother that the gun wasn't loaded, and he can't understand how Jeremiah died. Abigail Collins declares it is witchcraft and accuses Victoria Winters.

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Background information and notes[]

  • Continuity: Although not seen in the previous episode, the dress Josette is wearing upon her arrival at the Old House is the same one Barnabas will give to Victoria to wear to the costume dinner in Episode 6.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • Barnabas can always be seen wearing his distinctive ring such as in the scene at 24:30 where he has his hand raised as he talks to Angelique.  However, at 26:51 as Barnabas embraces Josette you will notice that for the first and only time in the series Barnabas is not wearing that ring. 

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