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Episode 7

1991 / 1790


Joanna Going as Victoria Winters


Jon Boorstin


Paul Lynch


1991, February 8th

Episode 7 Gallery
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Transported to the year 1790, Victoria meets the residents of Collinwood and becomes a tutor for Daniel and Sara Collins. Abigail Collins suspects Victoria of sorcery.


My name is Victoria Winters. A seance in the Great House at Collinwood has torn a hole in the fabric of time -- merging past and present, drawing one woman down through the centuuries, offering up another in her place. Now those left behind strive to desperately unlock the mysteries of those crossed destinies and the terrible threat they contain.

Victoria Winters meets the Collins family in the year 1790 and is shocked by their resemblance to the family she knows in the future. She is accepted as governess of the Collins children with the assistance of family friend Peter Bradford. Abigail Collins, suspecting Victoria of witchcraft, meets with Reverend Trask to discuss dealing with the stranger whom she feels threatens the Collins children.

In 1991, Phyllis Wicke, unaware that she is in the future, sneaks out of her room at Collinwood and into a storm.

Meanwhile, in 1790, Angelique Bouchard, in love with Barnabas Collins, uses her powers as a witch to take control of Ben Loomis' mind. When Josette du Prés arrives to marry Barnabas, Victoria sees that she and Josette do look exactly alike.

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  • The opening credits have changed slightly to allow Lysette Anthony to be billed as a regular cast member. Ben Cross appears sooner in the credits, and Anthony is now featured after him, beginning the sequence of actors in alphabetical order. Cross was formerly followed by Barbara Blackburn.

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