Episode 3



Joanna Going as Victoria Winters


Jon Boorstin


Dan Curtis


1991, January 14th


1990, July 23 - August 28


MP6312, Dark Shadows: The Revival (The Complete Series)

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Dr. Julia Hoffman experiements to cure Barnabas of his vampirism. Professor Michael Woodard attempts to uncover the identity of the vampire.

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Victoria Winters:
"My name is Victoria Winters. Night has fallen on the Old House- a night of promise and foreboding. For a being older than time, a tortured creature, may soon free himself of his torment, if only he can conquer the evil powers that drive him."

Dr. Julia Hoffman begins a medical experiment on Barnabas Collins with the hope of curing his vampirism. As a result of the treatments, Barnabas regains a reflection in mirrors and is able to temporarily endure the light of the sun. Professor Michael Woodard, confident that Barnabas is the vampire, sneaks into Julia's lab at Collinwood and photographs the doctor's written record of the cure. After attempting the reach the Sheriff on the phone during a storm to reveal his findings, Woodard is attacked by Barnabas.

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Julia: You must be patient, Barnabas. Everything that you want is going to come true. Barnabas: And when it does, I shall owe it all to you. And to you shall I give all my thanks.

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This episode begins in 1990 and skips a significant amount of time into the year 1991, as Julia indicates later in the episode that the cure is in its tenth week. It is during this ten-week span that the first two books of the Innovation comic book series is set.

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  • This episode originally aired with the preceding episode in a two-hour format, beginning, without an opening voiceover, after a commercial break. Subsequent re-broadcasts of this episode as an individual hour have included a voiceover by Joanna Going which was also included on the one-hour VHS release of Episode 3. On the DVD release of the series, Episode 3 is featured as a single episode, and the voiceover has not been included.
  • The "Dark Shadows Resurrected" show companion book by Jim Pierson gives a different, but similar, opening voiceover than the one included on the VHS release:
"My name is Victoria Winters. I am a newcomer to the great house of Collinwood. There is another recent arrival, a being older than the great house itself... trapped outside of time by an ancient curse... a tortured creature who may soon free himself of his torment, if only he can conquer the evil powers that drive him."[1]

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  1. Dark Shadows Resurrected, by Jim Pierson, foreword by Dan Curtis, Pomegranate Press, 1993. ISBN 0938817-24-8
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