Episode 11

1991 / 1790


Joanna Going as Victoria Winters


Matthew Hall, Linda Campanelli, William Gray & Shelly Moore


Mark Sobel


March 15, 1991

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Victoria’s witchcraft trial begins. Angelique’s spirit seeks to prevent Barnabas from making Josette his vampire bride.

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My name is Victoria Winters. A transending evil controls the destinies of two women exchanged in time. In a terrifying past, one of them finds herself on trial for her life, while in the present, the other lies helpless, struggling to survive. Meanwhile, an age old horror faces extinction as he lies unguarded in his lair.

Because the sheriff has told Joe that he won't act against Barnabas immediately, while Joe feels that Carolyn may finally be finished off by Barnabas, Joe enters the old house during the day (it looks like it's late afternoon, which increases the suspense). Joe seems to know exactly which door leads to the basement and he heads down there with nothing but a small cross on a necklace bared for the occasion.

He opens the coffin and he places a wooden stake over Barnabas' heart. He then motions to strike the stake with a mallet. Suddenly a large knife is thrust into him from behind. As Joe dies, he looks in shock at his killer.

The killer is Dr. Jula Hoffman, possessed by Angelique.

Willie Loomis arrives on this scene and Julia screams "Kill, Kill" in French as she lunges for him with the large knife. She is subdued. Angelique will wait until episode 12 to enter into the body of Maggie Evans from the body of Julia.

Back in 1790, the court trial continues for VIctoria Winters. Angelique appears to show the court that she is allive and that the Collins are being strange by saying she was dead. The jury finds Victoria Winters guilty of witchcraft and she is sentenced to be hanged by the neck until she is dead, at dawn 3 days hence.

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  • 3:31 As Joe is just about to stake Barnabas while he sleeps in his coffin Joe instead gets stabbed in the back by a possessed Julia. Three seconds later a shocked Joe turns around and a close-up of his back reveals a great deal of blood on his jacket and knife. Not possible in that span of time. Plus at 3:50 you can see Julia's hand covered in blood. Where did that come from? If she stabbed Joe in the back she would not have blood on her hands (literally she wouldn't but yes, figuratively I suppose she would).
  • 30:06 Notice the juror behind Peter's shoulder with the slicked back hair who is in the back row, well at 30:37 he has somehow made it to the front row. Later he is seen in the back row.
  • 36:31 Once again you can see the long boom microphone in the mirror behind a sleeping Natalie.

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