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Episode 10

1991 / 1790


Joanna Going as Victoria Winters


Linda Campanelli & Shelly Moore


Mark Sobel


March 15, 1991

Episode 10 Gallery
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The Collins Family mourns the apparent death of Barnabas as they move into the new Collinwood mansion. Barnabas rises as vampire.



My name is Victoria Winters. A terrifying curse has cast its shadow over Collinwood. While an innocent girl huddles in a prison cell awaiting judgement, death roams free stalking the night, and a tormented family struggles to comprehend its fate. But that fate is already written and the evil that controls it is relentless.

Barnabas Collins' coffin is placed in a secret room in the family mausoleum where weapons were hidden in the Revolutionary War. His father says "I will meet you son in a better place" and Peter and Ben also say their good-byes. The room is closed.

But Barnabas awakes later as a vampire and bites Millicent, after which Angelique informs him of what he now is.

Later Barnabas finishes Millicent off. He tends to sleep during the day in the basement of the old house.

Bodies pile up and the Dupres prepare to leave at the break of dawn so as to avoid the evening of the 5th day after Barnabas was killed, when the book that Victoria brought with her from the future said Josette would jump off Widow's Hill.

But Josette realizes she left the cherished music box in the old house. She goes there alone despite the fact that bodies have been piling up from some sort of wild animal. She finds the music box playing her theme in a candle lit room with her painting.

Barnabas appears to her and she says she wants to stay with him no matter what his affliction. She offers her neck to him and he finally decides to bite.

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Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • 3:20 Natalie opens the book entitled "The Collins Family History". In fact the book is actually a copy of "The Leisure Hour". You can see that Natalie opens the book at page 99 and if you look closely you can see part of the book's real title at the top of the screen. The full title is "The Leisure Hour - A Family Journal of Instruction and Recreation" which was published in 1857 and written by William Haig Miller, James Macaulay and William Stevens. Although not a real history book about the Collins family it's a rather good choice for a prop.

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