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Emma Finney was a young British woman who visited Collinsport in the 1970s with her boyfriend, Alfie Chapman.

Beneath the Veil []

Alfie and Emma's car broke down upon arriving in Collinsport. They first met the recently-revived Eve and then Collinwood caretaker Brett Hawker. They then booked a room at the Collinsport Inn, now being managed by Maggie Evans. That night they went to the Blue Whale and met a number of other local residents including Carolyn StoddardJonah RooneyJim Hardy and Amy Jennings.

A series of murders was taking place during their visit to the town. Two doctors from Windcliff Sanitarium - Anton Thompson and Bernard Kear - had been brutally killed. That night, Brett Hawker met a similar fate.

The following day, Alfie and Emma were interviewed by Tom Lacey for his television series Beyond The Grave before they discovered another body - that of George Patterson.

At the Inn, they used a Ouija board with Eve to try and contact the dead but Emma was briefly possessed by Danielle Rogét. Emma then worked out that Eve was the killer but was then attacked by her.

Alfie, having collected his car, prepared to leave town with his girlfriend before admitting that he now knew she was completely possessed by Danielle. He then admitted that he had killed Brett because the man had annoyed him. The two killers then drove out of the town and headed for Bangor...

Beyond the Grave[]

Tom's interview with Alfie and Emma was broadcast as part of the television show.

Deliver Us From Evil[]

Alfie and Danielle (in Emma's body) encountered Cyrus LongworthSabrina Jennings and John, the Son of the Dark Lord.

Background information and notes []

Alfie was played by Brigid Lohrey.