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Elspeth Gardner was a stage and film actress who met Sabrina Jennings and Hallie Stokes in Carriage of the Damned and Quentin Collins and Amanda Harris in The Darkest Shadow.

Carriage of the Damned[]

When Sabrina Jennings discovered that an unknown person had dug up the head of Gerard Stiles, she asked Amy Jennings to perform a spell to locate it. They discovered that it was on a train leaving Collinsport, so Sabrina boarded the train and met her fellow passengers - including Hallie Stokes, the train conductor Matthew Samuels and Elspeth. Elspeth was flighty, nervous and self-centred and mostly hindered Sabrina's investigation.

The Darkest Shadow[]

Amanda Harris was asked to be in a film that bizarrely seemed to be about her own life. On set, she met her fellow actors, including Elspeth. Elspeth was later revealed to have been an early sketch by the artist Charles Delaware Tate. Unlike his other unfinished sketches, Elspeth was shown to be caring and compassionate. After helping Amanda's friend, Norman, save her, she went to stay with Andy Warhol.

Background information and notes[]

  • Elspeth was portrayed by Denise Nickerson, who played the original Amy Jennings in the television series.
  • Carriage of the Damned was released before The Darkest Shadow with the latter story explaining her true nature.