Elizabeth's room (with Ralston Purina lamp) ep156

Elizabeth's room (with Ralston Purina lamp)_ep156

Elizabeth's room is first shown during the Phoenix story (156) and is redressed from the set used for Victoria's room (2, 3, 4, 8) and Carolyn's room (100, 101), all of which have the same window and drapery in the same location. Elizabeth's room has the same fireplace in the same location as Victoria's room, and over the mantelpiece hangs a painting of a man (seated) and a woman (standing) in a dining nook, which was first hanging in Victoria's room above the bureau (2, 3), but which can also be seen in the Collinwood breakfast room, to the left of the door overlooking the dining table (5, 161). Another familiar prop to be seen in Elizabeth's room is the Petofi box (2, 158). Elizabeth's room is the first place in Collinwood where the Ralston Purina lamp can be spotted, which has previously been a fixture on the front desk in the lobby of the Collinsport Inn (1, 7, 8, 11, 24). The tall armoire occasionally seen in Elizabeth's room (270) was originally from Victoria's room (2, 3).
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