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Edward Collins
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Louis Edmonds

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Edward Collins


35 (1897)

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Maine, New England, USA

Family members

Judith Collins (Sister)
Carl Collins (Brother)
Quentin Collins (Brother)
Laura Collins (Wife)
Jamison Collins (Son)
Nora Collins (Daughter)

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Edward Collins (1862-1900) was the eldest son of Geoffrey and Anna Collins.

He was the brother to Judith Collins, Carl Collins, and Quentin Collins. He was the father to Jamison and Nora Collins. He bore a startling resemblance to Joshua Collins, Daniel Collins, and Roger Collins. He was an ambitious, even greedy, man but not one without personal courage or a willingness to act in defence of his family—as seen in his attempts to hunt down a vampire.

The Death of Edith Collins[]

Being the eldest member of the family, it was expected that his grandmother, Edith Collins, would pass on to him the Collins family secret (704), but seeing Barnabas Collins sent Edith into such a state of shock that her mind became confused and she died without ever telling Edward what the secret was (706). The only thing she would tell Edward concerning the secret was "mausoleum." Being told that there was someone alive who did know the secret (706), Edward turned on his siblings before deciding that it must be Barnabas who knew what the secret was (707).

Involvement with Laura Murdoch Collins[]

Edward was married to Laura Collins, who became the mother of his children. She later left Collinwood with Quentin and eventually died in Alexandria, Egypt in 1896. However, she returned to Collinwood to claim her children in 1897, where she became involved with Dirk Wilkins.

Before her return to Collinwood, Edward mostly refused to discuss Laura with anyone, and insisted his children forget about her (712), (714).

Lady Hampshire[]

Edward Collins comforts Kitty Hampshire over the death of her husband

Kitty Soames was a one-time governess at Collinwood before she married Lord Hampshire and moved to England. Following her husband's death, Kitty returned to Maine, where she became involved with Edward. She wished to marry Edward, as her financial situation was desperate. She pursued Edward, and did her best to befriend his children, Nora and Jamison Collins.

Kitty suffered from attacks wheren she was overtaken by the spirit of Josette Collins (who she was the reincarnation of). Despite this, Edward was still deeply interested in the merry widow and soon proposed marriage to her. They had become engaged before her disappearance into the past.

Source Material[]

Edward Collins was partly based on Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre.

The character was originally to be named Oscar (643), but was later changed to Edward.


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