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Edith Collins
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Portrayed by

Isabella Hoopes
Terry Crawford

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Dress Me In Dark Dreams

Biographical Information

Edith Collins


27 (1840)

90 (at time of death)

Date of birth


Year of death

1897 (negated time-line)

Manner of death

Old age (negated time-line)
Murdered by Gabriel Collins

Family members

Gabriel Collins (Husband)
Edward Collins (Grandson)
Judith Collins (Granddaughter)
Quentin Collins (Grandson)
Carl Collins (Grandson)

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Edith Collins was the matriarch of the Collins family from the time of her husband’s death in 1840, until her death in 1897. Her husband was Gabriel Collins and they had a son, Geoffrey, who sired four children, Edward, Judith, Carl, and Quentin. She carried to her grave the Collins family secret.


Early Life[]

Edith was born in 1807, and was raised in Collinsport, Maine, according to Edith's mother, Edith was never good at keeping secrets, which would make her mother discourage anyone telling her one (706).

During her teenage years, Edith traveled to France where she found a revolver, she brought it back from Collinsport with her (776).

In the late 1820s, Edith fell in love a young man named Redmond Van Buren, but unfortunately he danced in a ballroom with another women, causing Edith to stab Redmond and his new lover.

Marriage to Gabriel Collins[]

A young Edith Collins in 1840.

In the early 1830s, Edith married Gabriel Collins. After the marriage, Edith begged her father-in-law, Daniel Collins, to let them live in the Old House, but he refused telling her "If you want to be a Collins, you must live in Collinwood" (706). The marriage was a loveless one and she always hated Collinwood, but lived there until her death.

They had a son named Geoffrey Collins, whom they sent to boarding school (1119).

The Family Secret[]

In 1840, Before he died, Daniel Collins passed on the family secret to Edith, which was that in the family mausoleum there was a relative who suffered under the curse of vampirism: Barnabas Collins. The secret originated with Joshua Collins, who passed it on to Daniel. Daniel should have passed it on directly to his eldest son The Original Quentin Collins, but instead shared it with Edith (706)


In 1897, before she died, Edith told Edward that “Judith did kind things for me while you were gone away. I know why she did it; she thinks she’s getting the money. You, Edward, you are not kind, you shouldn’t have gone away and left" (706).

When Edith died, Magda was reading Carl’s tarot cards. She said there was much money, more than anyone knew. She next said that everyone would be very surprised. She said there is murder but Edith had the last laugh. Next, she said the money would not stay with whoever got it. She then turned over the death card and realized Edith was dead, and had died without telling Edward what the family secret was. However, Magda knew that someone else did know the secret and told Carl (706).

Edith’s will[]

The part of Edith Collins lying in her coffin was played by Natalie Norwick in episodes 708-710 (uncredited).

Altered time-line[]

Edith Collins is later shown to have died in 1840, by the hand of her husband, Gabriel. This contradicts what had previously been established during 1897. So, either Julia's and Barnabas' presence in 1840 altered history, or Edith Collins only appeared to die in 1840.


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