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Barnabas Collins in the east wing parlour in the mainstream time-line.

The parlour in 1970 Parallel Time.

Leticia Faye and Desmond Collins observe events happening in the parlour as it appeared in 1841 Parallel Time.

The East Wing parlour was a closed off room in Collinwood that served as a portal to the mysterious world of Parallel Time.

Mainstream Timeline[]

The East Wing parlour, or "Angelique's Room" as it came to be known in 1970 by those who understood its power, was a room in Collinwood's East Wing that was closed off and not in use by the Collins family before the year 1840 (1186). Its use prior to that time was not depicted. A warp in time existed within the room, which allowed the parlour to serve as an entrance to Parallel Time.

Sometimes the room existed in the mainstream universe in its abandoned state, and other times it would change to reveal the room's existence in the alternate reality, where it was furnished and frequently visited. During the moments when the room displayed its parallel counterpart, no one from the mainstream side could enter it, but the observer could see and overhear conversations taking place in the room while remaining unseen and inaudible to those within, as if there were a one-way invisible barrier at the entrance (969).

However, anyone standing in the room at the moment it changed found themselves in Parallel Time (980), and conversely a person standing within the parallel version would be "transferred" to the mainstream universe if standing in the room at the moment the room transitioned.

Since the parallel Collinwood was destroyed in 1970, Julia Hoffman suggested that the phenomenon which transported people into the other time no longer existed (1061).

Parallel Time[]

In 1970 Parallel Time, the East Wing of Collinwood was open and in full use, and the room had been a part of Angelique Stokes Collins's suite of rooms when she served as matriarch of Collinwood (970).

In 1841 Parallel Time, the room was simply referred to as the "upstairs parlour" (1199).


  • A person could not occupy the room at the same time as their counterpart from the other time band. If this occurred, the room automatically changed and returned visitors to their original time band (1192).
  • Lamar Trask died in the East Wing parlour after accidentally travelling into Parallel Time following a fight with Barnabas Collins (1198). He was the only character on the show to live in one timeband, but die in the other.