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Eagle Hill Cemetery was one of the larger graveyards to be found in the town of Collinsport, Maine. For the past two centuries, the esteemed Collins family had virtually all of their loved ones laid to rest at Eagle Hill. The cemetery’s most infamous landmark, was the Collins family mausoleum.

It is 5 miles from Collinwood (209, 211). During 1795, it is said to be on Collins property (455). The grounds of the cemetery were presided over by one lone caretaker –an elderly man who often complained of "evil spirits" infecting the area surrounding the Collins family mausoleum.

In 1967, Barnabas Collins kidnapped a local woman named Maggie Evans and brought her to the cemetery. Due to the anonymous actions of Willie Loomis however, Barnabas was forced to leave Maggie's unconscious body amongst the tombstones, where she was later recovered by Victoria Winters and Burke Devlin. (230)

In 1968, Victoria Winters disappeared into the past with Jeff Clark/Peter Bradford. About a month later, in 1969, her grave appeared in the cemetery (660) prompting Barnabas to go into the past and attempt to prevent her hanging. He was able to do so with the help of Angelique, causing her grave to disappear (661, 666).

In 1970, Chris Jennings was taken to an abandoned crypt at the cemetery by Bruno at gunpoint. Whilst chained up there, Chris transformed into the werewolf, whom Bruno used in an attempt to destroy Jeb Hawkes (960, 961).

People buried at Eagle Hill Cemetery[]


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