Dreams of the Dark





Stephen Mark Rainey
Elizabeth Massie


October 1999



Dark Shadows Dreams of the Dark

Dreams of the Dark by Stephen Mark Rainey and Elizabeth Massie was the second of two novels released by HarperCollins (the first being Lara Parker's Angelique's Descent, in what was originally intended to be a long-running series of original novels based on the Dark Shadows TV soap opera (1967-1971). However, shortly after the release of Dreams of the Dark, HarperCollins sold their media tie-in division (HarperPrism), and no further books in the series were issued.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Blood Revenge. Angelique and Barnabas. Lovers once upon a time, through treachery and deceit they have now become immortal enemies. To pay for her jealousy that left Barnabas damned to feast on the blood of humans, Angelique has been banished to the netherworld. Meanwhile, Barnabas lives a lie, carefully guarding his hellish secret from the unsuspecting mortals with whom he lives -- including Victoria Winters, the ethereally beautiful governess to the Collins family.

Determined to escape her dark imprisonment, Angelique conjures a diabolical plan that will make her flesh again. Using her psychic powers, she will send another vampire to destroy Barnabas, completely. But as she will soon discover, the powers of darkness will find their match in the burning light of innocence . . . and love.

Vividly imagined, grippingly written, each "Dark Shadows novel is filled with the eroticism, supernatural suspense, and spellbinding storytelling that has made this classic daytime serial a timeless hit.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Dreams of the Dark opens with a vampire named Thomas Rathburn, who was "transformed" during the Civil War, experiencing visions of people and places unfamiliar to him -- but which involve events that relate to his own past. He follows clues from these visions, ends up in Collinsport, and begins meeting people he recognises, including Victoria Winters and Barnabas Collins. Rathburn is immediately taken with Victoria, a fact that does not sit well with Barnabas, and an intense rivalry between the two vampires ensues. Barnabas attempts to rid Collinwood of the strange new arrival, but Rathburn possesses supernatural resources that foil Barnabas's plans.

Strange occurrences have begun to plague members of the Collins household, Victoria in particular. As these incidents become more threatening, Rathburn realises that the only way he will be able to learn the truth about his visions -- and save Victoria -- is to form an alliance with Barnabas. In the end, the two undead creatures are pitted against the spirit of Angelique, who has engineered the entire plot in order to ensure that Barnabas can never have Victoria.

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • The book places Collinwood at the mouth of the Narraguagus River, roughly 20 miles up the coast from Bar Harbor.

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