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The drawing room at Collinwood was a large octogon-shaped room located down at the end of a long corridor to the left of the front foyer. It occupied the first floor area of the north side tower. The drawing room was furnished with several divans, Chavalier mirrors, end-tables, and high-backed chairs neatly arranged in front of three tall window frames. Like all of the rooms at the great house, the décor of the drawing room consisted of large paintings encased in heavy, ornate frames, and marble statues accenting every corner of the room. A secondary doorway adjacent to the corridor lead into the organ room.

In June of 1970, the members of the Collins family congregated in the drawing room to discuss the recent attacks that had been plaguing the town of Collinsport. It was here that Dr. Julia Hoffman first discovered that a distant Collins family relative, Barnabas Collins, was a vampire.


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