The drawing room in 1970.


The room was decorated and furnished differently in 1897.


1840 configuration.

1795 drawing room1

Original furnishings in 1795.

The drawing room at Collinwood was the primary area of congregation in the Great House. The residents of Collinwood could, at any given time, be found relaxing in front of the fire place, reading on the settee, or standing near the large windows looking out upon nearby Widows' Hill. Entrance to the drawing room was gained through two large doors that led directly from the main foyer.

There were three other known egresses from the drawing room into other areas of the house. On the right hand side of the mantle was a secret panel that was used by Gabriel Collins in 1840 (1188), as well as by David Collins and Amy Jennings to get into the West Wing (639-660s) to visit the ghost of Quentin Collins. Another door on the left side of the mantle led into an office/study area. A third, rarely seen, doorway led into a hall toward a small staircase. This hall was almost never seen because it was positioned at the spot where the camera crews would be stationed during filming. Occasionally, a character would walk toward the camera, indicating that an alternative exit did, in fact, exist (1195).


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