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Dirk Wilkins

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Dirk Wilkins was an overseer of the grounds on the Collinwood estate in 1897 (709), who later became a vampire. He was victimized by Laura Collins and became obsessed with her. Dirk was earlier interested in Beth Chavez before he became obsessed with Laura. After she died, Dirk went mad and Judith fired him from his job. He tried to kill Barnabas Collins by shooting him, but the bullets failed to kill him. Dirk told Jamison Collins about the coffin in the basement of the Old House and that Barnabas was a vampire. Barnabas attacked Dirk and turned him into a vampire, using his "child" to keep suspicion away from him.

As a vampire, Dirk terrorized Tim Shaw, Judith Collins, and Rachel Drummond. Dirk had also murdered Carl Collins' financée, Pansy Faye. He tried to get Barnabas Collins to return Laura to him; when Barnabas failed, Dirk arranged the murder of Rachel Drummond.

Dirk was finally destroyed when Edward Collins followed Judith to an abandoned house (where he had his coffin hidden) and staked him through the heart.


Dirk Wilkins was Roger Davis' fourth role on the show and his first character in the 1897 story.


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