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Dick Smith at the 2010 IMATS

Dick Smith (b 26 June 1922-d 30 July 2014) was a renowned makeup artist who won an Oscar for Amadeus (1985) and received an Honourary Oscar for his contribution to the industry (2012), as well as multiple other industry awards and nominations. Notable film contributions included Little Big Man (1970), The Exorcist (1974), Altered States (1980), and Scanners (1981).

On the original Dark Shadows, Smith made up actor Jonathan Frid to appear as a 172 year old man (347-351), later returning with an improved old-age design for the 1970 MGM feature film House of Dark Shadows, aided by his recent experience on Little Big Man aging Dustin Hoffman (then in his early 30s) to 121 years old. He also created an improved vampire-bite prosthetic for the film, biting into a piece of uncooked veal and enlarging the teeth-marks with a fork before creating his mould. Smith later recalled that Dan Curtis described the result as "the biggest hickies he ever saw."[1]

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