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Duane Morris
Andrew Collins
Nigel Fairs
Morgan W Sheppard
Sarah Sutton

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Angelique's Descent
The Path of Fate
Final Judgement
The Carrion Queen
The Crimson Pearl
The Fall of the House of Trask
The Last Stop
The Devil Cat

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The Dark Lord
Emma Simon

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Diablos & Angelique in the Underworld.

Diabolos was a demonic entity. Diabolos appeared as a man dressed entirely in black, with none of his body visible, including his head. It was said that his son was Judah Zachery.


In the year 1692, Diabolos sent out agents called witches to the colony of Massachusetts. The witches plagued and even killed Puritans. This lead to a mass execution all over Massachusetts. But Diabolos needed someone to lead the witches. This man would be a false messiah who would lead thousands to death. Diabolos decided to spawn a son, Judah Zachery, the first Antichrist (1131). Thousands died by his sorcery until he was brought to trial by Amadeus Collins. Miranda DuVal, a follower of Judah, testified against him, which lead to Judah's conviction. Shortly before his execution, Judah put a curse on the Collins family (1140).


As the years passed, Judah was greatly remembered and by the year 1840, the second Antichrist came to power, Gerard Stiles (1142). Gerard schemed to destroy the entire Collins family and instigated a witchcraft trial in which Quentin Collins was falsely accused (1165). Just as Quentin was to be executed, Angelique Bouchard, the reincarnation of Miranda, intervened, which lead to Gerard's destruction (1197).


In 1968, Diabolos sent out a false prophet, Nicholas Blair (522). Nicholas transformed the witch, Angelique, into a vampire (555), and almost started a race that worshiped only Diabolos. Angelique claimed that her powers as a witch were given to her by Diabolos himself. Angelique made contact with him to lift the curse of night from her and punish Nicholas. He was not forthcoming and punished Angelique for her failure (628). Diabolos then turned his attention to Nicholas, whom he gave a deadline to fulfill his plans, but warned him that unless he was able to bring an innocent to agree to live in Hell, then he would be sent there forever (629). After his failure, Diabolos destroyed Nicholas (633/634).


Eventually, Diabolos gave Nicholas one more chance. This resulted in the rise of the Leviathan people (886) and the birth of the third and final Antichrist, Jeb Hawkes (893). Nicholas aided Jeb in his world apocalypse plot (953). They almost succeeded when Jeb gave up everything to save the woman that he loved, Carolyn Stoddard (965). Nicholas and Jeb were eventually destroyed (979, 980).

Background information and notes[]

  • In the original series, Diabolos was rarely seen but he was frequently mentioned.
  • Diabolos is another name for Satan, and is often referred to in the Big Finish Audio Dramas under the title of 'The Dark Lord'.
  • Emma Simon was an alias that was used by Diabolos in the audio drama, The Devil Cat.


628, 629