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Desmond Collins
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John Karlen

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Desmond Collins


25 (1840)

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prior to 1897


Maine, New England, USA

Family members

Flora Collins (Mother)

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Desmond Collins (born c.1815) was the son of Flora Collins.


Early Life[]

Desmon Collins was born in 1815, he  grew up at Rose Cottage and was very close with his cousins at Collinwood. He was the best friend of Quentin Collins and served as Best Man at Quentin's wedding to Samantha.

In 1837, Desmond was romantically interested in Daphne Harridge when he met her upon her arrival in Collinsport, but the attraction quickly turned into friendship when she fell in love with Quentin. In the meantime, Flora's house-guest, Leticia Faye had fallen very much in love with Desmond. 


Desmond was also responsible for bringing the Head of Judah Zachery to Collinsport in 1840, which ultimately lead to many of the tragic events of that year. He and Quentin were ultimately convicted of witchcraft together, and sentenced to death. Desmond had served as the defence attorney in Quentin's trial until it was revealed that he brought the head of Judah Zachery to Collinwood. During his incarceration, Leticia Faye pledged her love to him and the two made their wedding vows to each other minutes before his scheduled execution.

At his execution, Valerie Collins presented evidence that Gerard Stiles was the true warlock possessed by Judah Zachery, and Desmond and Quentin were freed. Before they were set free, Desmond shot and killed Gerard Stiles. This act destroyed the head and Gerard was set free from Judah's control. Following his release, Desmond and Leticia were married in late 1840.

Later Life[]

Nothing much of Desmond Collins life is known following 1840, other that he died prior to 1897.


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