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Stevens was a deputy employed by the Collinsport Sheriff’s department. He answered directly to Sheriff George Patterson. In June of 1970, Sheriff Patterson radioed Stevens to assist two other deputies who had crashed their car into a tree on the Collinwood estate after witnessing the wraithlike appearance of the vampire, Carolyn Stoddard.

Later that evening, Sheriff Patterson and the occultist, Professor Timothy Eliot Stokes located Carolyn at the Collinwood stables. Patterson armed all of his deputies with crucifixes and guns loaded with silver bullets. Stevens and the other officers hemmed Carolyn in, giving Stokes the opportunity to drive a stake into her heart, ending her undead existence once and for all.


  • This character was never given screen credit in the movie. The actor who portrayed this character is unknown.
  • Although he appears in the movie, only the novel provides this deputy with a name.


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