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Joseph Gordon-Levitt as David Collins

David Collins was the son of Roger and Laura Collins. He was also the nephew of Elizabeth Stoddard, and the cousin of Carolyn Stoddard and Daphne Collins. He was raised by his father and aunt Elizabeth, as his mother (described as a witch) had been institutionalised in England for years after trying to kill both him and herself (4).

In 1990 Victoria Winters arrived at Collinwood to accept the position of David's governess, who he angrily refused to accept. David was something of a practical joker, and his cousin Carolyn was hoping that Victoria might be able to bring him under control (half-jokingly suggesting she use a whip and chair) (1). He apparently had some kind of psychic link with his mother, at one point performing a ritual which caused his father great pain (4). David was one of the first people to see the ghost of Sarah Collins, but was not frightened by her appearance and became a friend of hers.