Sarah’s ghost appears to David.

David's room was located on the second floor at Collinwood. David took this room when he moved to Collinsport with his father in 1967 (14).

The window in David's room is often the source for mysterious phenomena. The pane flies open mysteriously, the widows' cry, mysterious bats fly in, and both Barnabas Collins and David's mother Laura stare up at the window in attempts to exert control over the boy.


As seen in during the year 1795.

In the late 18th century, when the Collins family first moved into the newly constructed Collinwood building, this room was intended to be the bedroom for Jeremiah Collins. However, having died previous to the move from the Old House, in a duel with Barnabas, his restless spirit left the room in a complete shambles (394).

There is a door inside David's room leading to another room. In 1970, it was used by David as a dark room to develop his photography. (1077)

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