Dave Woodard
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Richard Woods
Robert Gerringer
Peter Turgeon

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Dave Woodard

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Dr. Woodard

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Poisoned by Barnabas Collins, assisted by Julia Hoffman


General Practitioner of Medicine

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David Woodard was a general practitioner of medicine in Collinsport, Maine in the late 1960s. He was also an accomplished surgeon (231).

In 1967, he was called upon to analyze a strange blood deficiency that had been affecting various people in Collinsport. He first treated Willie Loomis for acute blood loss and noticed that Willie suffered from two pinprick puncture wounds on the underside of his wrist (219).

Later, he began treating Maggie Evans, who had been exhibiting similar symptoms (229-231). He tried to stop it with a transfusion from Joe Haskell, but Maggie was kidnapped by Barnabas Collins and presumed dead by most. When Maggie was found by her father, Dr Woodard concocted a plan to hide Maggie at the Windcliff Sanitarium under the treatment of his old friend and colleague, Dr Julia Hoffman. Until she recovered, Maggie was pronounced to be dead. Everyone found out that she was alive when she escaped from the hospital and collapsed at the Blue Whale. Later, Dr Woodard came up with a plan to catch the kidnapper using Maggie as bait, but Willie Loomis stumbled into the trap to warn Maggie about Barnabas.

Dr Woodard began to investigate Barnabas Collins when David Collins claims he is dead. David told him and Burke Devlin about the coffin in the basement and about the secret room. Barnabas hid his coffin before they could see it and the secret room would not open for them. Woodard went back to the mausoleum and the ghost of Sarah Collins appeared to him. She showed him the secret room. He later asks the Eagle Hill caretaker if he could see the diary of Joshua Collins. Dr Woodard confronted Barnabas about his sister and Barnabas knew that Woodard was a threat to him. After overhearing Barnabas and Julia talk about her notebook, Woodard broke into her room and stole it. After reading it, he discovered that Barnabas was a vampire. He arranged to see the police about the notebook. Julia was able to get to Woodard before he left to see the police. She tried to convince Dave into keeping quiet about Barnabas, but he would not cooperate. Barnabas Collins murdered Dr Woodard with a type of medicine that disguises his death as a heart attack. (341) His body was discovered by Sam Evans and Sheriff George Patterson. Sam, the Sheriff, and Burke Devlin suspected foul play at first, but stopped the investigation when his death was ruled as a heart attack. His ghost was conjured up by Barnabas to drive Julia insane.

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