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In September and October of 1988 an Off-Broadway stage version of 'Dark Shadows' was produced by the Via Theater and performed at Dance Theatre Workshop at 219 West 19th Street in New York. It starred actor Julian Stone as Barnabas Collins. The show was adapted and directed by Brian Jucha, with permission from Dan Curtis Productions.

From the New York Times review:

"The show begins with actors assembled around a table, holding their pose so long that they look like wax figures. Suddenly the tableau comes to life and we realize that we are witnesses at a seance, which sets the complex plot in motion. Soon the governess is projected back to 1795 and the play slowly reveals the roots of the family trauma and the secrets of Barnabas himself.

The ''Dark Shadows'' trappings are here, including the eerie theme music, portentous dialogue and a foreboding air, conveyed with the help of Sarah Edkins's scenery and Elizabeth Prince's costumes. As led by Mr. Jucha, the actors project a quiet intensity - Penny Boyer as the time-traveling governess, Tina Shepard in the Joan Bennett role and Julian Stone as Barnabas. Mr. Stone's Barnabas, as was true of Jonathan Frid in the role on television, is unlike Dracula except for his odd appetite. He could be considered a vulnerable vampire."



Playbill Cover

The play begins with the present-day cast frozen in place during a seance, as seen in episode 365. The bulk of the show focuses on a condensed retelling of the 1795 storyline from the TV series.



Julian Stone as Barnabas Collins and Yolanda Hawkins as Josette DuPres

Director: Brian Jucha

Set Design: Sarah Edkins

Lighting Design: Roma Flowers

Sound Design: Teese Gohl

Costume Design: Elizabeth Prince

Stage Manager: Robin Riddell

Victoria Winters: Penny Boyer

Roger Collins/Joshua Collins/the Judge: John Hagan

Jeremiah Collins/Peter Bradford: Brendan Harris

Josette DuPres: Yolanda Hawkins

Phyllis Wick/Woman: Lisa Marcus

Ben Stokes: Larry Maxwell

Carolyn Stoddard/Abigail Collins: Coco McPherson:

Reverend Trask: Barney O'Hanlon

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard/Naomi Collins: Tina Shepard

Barnabas Collins: Julian Stone

Dr. Julia Hoffman/Countess Natalie DuPres: Valeria Vasilevski

Angelique Bouchard: Rachel Wineberg