Dark Shadows Special 2011 is a podcast produced by Big Finish Productions. It was released for free as an audio download in September 2011.


James Goss and Joseph Lidster, co-producers of Big Finish Productions Dark Shadows dramatic readings audiobook range, are joined by Nicholas Briggs to discuss the series.

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  • Running Time: 46:23
  • Included at the end of this podcast is the first part of The House of Despair, a trailer for this release opens the podcast.
  • James Goss likens the original series to Ghost Light, a 1989 Doctor Who serial with gothic overtones similar to the setup found in Dark Shadows. He also likens the I-Ching, a concept used in the original series, to Warriors Gate, a 1981 Doctor Who serial which also features the concept. These references are due to Big Finish Productions main listenership and center of output being predominantly related to the Doctor Who series. James Goss and Joseph Lidster have both written several Doctor Who audio plays for Big Finish Productions.

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