DVD box set cover.


2009 reissue.


Third issue insert card.

Dark Shadows: The Revival (The Complete Series) was a DVD box set released on October 18, 2005 by MGM Home Video. The set contained the complete 1991 Dark Shadows Revival Series on three discs.


Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Differences from Video CassetteEdit

The release of the series differed from the previous MPI Home Video releases of the same episodes:

  • No expanded material was included in Episode 1 and Episode 12, and these episodes were presented as they had been aired in 1991.
  • Episode 3 was featured without the opening voiceover provided on the MPI video cassette release.
  • Many day-for-night shots were not color corrected for the DVD release, leaving some scenes set at night to be lit by the sun.
  • The episodes were cropped to create anamorphic widescreen presentations, removing part of the top and bottom of every shot from the original 4:3 aspect ratios.


  • The collection was reissued with slightly different packaging on January 15, 2009, and a third version became available sometime later including an insert card featuring Barnabas Collins and Josette Collins. The disc content remained the same on all releases.
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