BOOK TWO number Four

Cover: Barnabas shirt ripped open, holding Vicki, both of them about to be eaten by many snakes as two women watch.

Timeline: the week after Christmas 1991.

Maggie Thompson (writer), Jose Pimentel (painter), Hector Gomez (?), Vickie Williams (Calligrapher)  

Release year on inside cover: 1993

Title: Touch and Go (after some panels and pages)

Fleeing from the gorgon sisters, Nathan passes an archway, a bridge, and an old statue. Nathan makes his way to Willie, who gets his clothes off and gives him tea. Willie goes to Collinwood through the snow and asks Vicki about the gorgons. There are double panels running side by side as Vicki teaches David about the gorgons in a project and research while Julia and Willie tend to Nathan. David keeps asking interesting questions (such as why the people are all almost naked and if the pictures of gorgons can turn them to stone). Nathan’s arm and leg are badly bruised. The girls check the hospital for Nathan. They also check a shelter. David drew the gorgons for Vicki. The girls arrive at the Old House. Nathan is a vampire. They are like the sea, they are not good or bad. They sometimes reward those they favor  or end their suffering. Their blood cures Nathan of hearing too many voices in his head and of his being a  vampire. They regret they cannot help Barnabas. They are not sure their blood would destroy him. Blood from the left drives away evil and restores but blood from their right would destroy Barnabas. It would also restore him to someone 200 years old. He decides not to try. Nathan reveals to them their statues still feel just as his vampire victims would feel and he would know it in his head. New Year’s Eve: Barnabas gives Vicki a gift and all the Collins family get heirlooms. Barnabas knows he owes Willie. He gives Willie a gift: a cross that he could not wrap himself. (WHO DID?). Willie tells him Merry Christmas and believes it will be a Happy New Year too.

More Shadows on the Mind: Thoughts on the Dark Shadows Storyline  by Maggie Thompson

Back cover: Willie, Nathan, Vicki, Barnabas, the girls

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