Dark Shadows: Book One Issue One





David Campiti
Scott Rockwell


E. Silas Smith

Cover Art

E. Silas Smith


June 1992

Dark Shadows Dark Shadows: Book One Issue One
Dark Shadows: Book One Issue One is a comic book published by Innovation on June of 1992. The cover depicts Barnabas embracing Vicky with a painting of himself and Angelique in the background.

It was written and edited by David Campiti and Scott Rockwell and illustrated by E.Silas Smith.

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Victoria is shocked when she sees a ghostly apparition in front of Barnabas' portrait. Barnabas calms her nerves and suggests that she accompany Julia and himself on a visit to the doctor's laboratory. They arrive, in Julia's Rolls-Royce, on the pretext of viewing the facility. The real reason for the visit is for Barnabas and Julia to discuss his cure. Shortly after they arrive, Barnabas slips out, ostensibly to the men's room, and is compelled to take the life of a cleaning woman, to sate his lust for blood. He disposes of the body and returns to his friends. Julia's work on his cure has a price - Barnabas must help her discover what has happened in her home town of Barrettstown. The town has a dark history of witch-hunts, not dissimilar to that of Collinsport. However, amongst the tragic deaths of innocents, several true witches were also drowned - their essences mingling with the drinking water of Barrettstown. It is generally attributed to this legend that the townsfolk tend to live much longer and more successful lives than most.

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