Daphne Collins
Daphne Harridge (PT)
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Kate Jackson

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Daphne Harridge Collins


23 (1841)

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Manner of death

Unnamed illness


Maine, New England, USA

Family members

Catherine Harridge Collins (Sister)
Bramwell Collins (Husband)

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This page refers to Daphne Harridge of Parallel Time. For her "real time" equivalent, see Daphne Harridge

Daphne Harridge Collins (1818-1841) was the younger sister of Catherine Harridge Collins, and the wife of Bramwell Collins.

The daughter of a local doctor, Daphne Harridge grew up very close to her sister, Catherine, and cautioned her against her planned marriage to Morgan Collins. Daphne knew that Catherine had been in love with Bramwell Collins for years and suspected that her feelings for Morgan were misguided. Catherine respected her sister's opinions, but went through with her marriage to Morgan anyway.

Shortly after the wedding, Morgan and Bramwell fought in a duel. Bramwell was wounded, and Daphne (who possessed some medical knowledge from her father), nursed him.

Although she had previously been courted by Quentin Collins, Daphne fell in love with Bramwell during his convalescence, and they eventually married, even though she suspected he still loved Catherine.

Her marriage to Bramwell was troubled at first, mostly due to his devotion to Catherine, however they eventually became very close. Daphne was very close with her mother-in-law, Josette.

Daphne, shortly before her death from an unnamed illness, gave her blessing for Bramwell to be with Catherine.

Source Material Edit

Daphne is based on the character of Isabella Linton from Wuthering Heights.

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1186, 1192, 1195, 1203, 1207/1208, 1213, 1217, 1218, 1219, 1221, 1224, 1228, 1229, 1232, 1233, 1235, 1238

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