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Daphne Budd
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Lisa Blake Richards


House of Dark Shadows

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Daphne Budd



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Daphne Budd was a secretary who worked for Elizabeth Collins Stoddard in 1970. During that year, Daphne left the Collinwood estate early one evening to return home. The vampire Barnabas Collins stalked her along the footpath leading out towards her car. Barnabas attacked Daphne and bit her upon the throat, drinking her blood. Daphne stumbled about until she returned to the entrance gate at Collinwood. A man named Jeff Clark arrived at the family mansion for a visit and nearly ran Daphne down. He brought her inside where a family friend, Dr. Julia Hoffman, attended Daphne’s wounds. She remarked that they appeared to be the result of a bite from some strange animal. Several days later, Daphne died.


  • In the House of Dark Shadows movie, Barnabas attacked Daphne inside of her car. In the novelization of the film, he attacked her along a footpath.
  • The movie never implicitly states that Daphne dies from her wounds, but the novel gives a slight bit more detail concerning her death.
  • In the 1991 revival series, the film characters of Daphne Budd and Carolyn Stoddard were combined to create the role of Daphne Collins.