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Dan Riley
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Portrayed by

John Connell
Vince O'Brien (148,153,157,174)

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Lt. Riley


Lieutenant State Police

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Lt. Dan Riley, a detective for the State Police investigated the apparent murder of Laura Collins of Phoenix, Arizona. In pursuit of the murderer, Riley came to Collinsport, Maine to question Laura Collins.

He arrived at Collinwood and met Elizabeth Collins Stoddard and Victoria Winters. He showed them some personal effects that had been salvaged from the fire. Elizabeth recognised a locket - a family heirloom that Roger Collins gave Laura when they were married. Victoria recognised that Laura had been wearing an identical locket. Both lockets contained a lock of David Collins' hair. He then questioned Laura and returned the effects to her (144). He later received information that the woman who had died in Laura's apartment may have been murdered. He discussed this with Frank Garner (148). He then received confirmation that the woman who had died in the apartment was Laura. He took the evidence of this to Roger and Elizabeth (153).

He later returned to Phoenix and discussed the situation with Lieutenant Costa. Despite the case being officially closed, he felt that it would never truly be over as it was beyond their comprehension. He was then stunned to discover that the unidentified body in the morgue had disappeared.


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