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Dameon Edwards was a ghost who haunted Collinwood in 1970 parallel time.

In life, Dameon was a devoted friend of the Collins family and visited the estate almost daily. He mysteriously disappeared for nearly a year before his ghost came back to haunt Collinwood. Dameon appeared to Quentin Collins, Amy Collins, Mr. Trask, and Bruno Hess. Before he was eventually exorcised from Collinwood, Dameon revealed that he was murdered by Bruno out of jealousy for Angelique's affections. It was strongly implied that Trask also played a role in Dameon's murder, but what role he played was never revealed.

Dameon was secretly interred in a hidden chamber in the basement of Collinwood. He came back to warn Quentin about Angelique and about what was going to happen to him. Dameon appeared to Quentin in a dream in which he died from hanging himself. His ghost was exorcised from Collinwood by Angelique, who was posing as her sister, Alexis. Hannah Stokes, Angelique's aunt, was given credit for getting rid of his ghost. Quentin later tried to commit suicide, but Angelique stopped him from doing so.


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