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Cyrus Longworth
Production Information
Portrayed by

Christopher Pennock
James Unsworth

Audio appearances

The Fall of the House of Trask
The Enemy Within
Deliver Us From Evil

Biographical Information

Cyrus Longworth

Also known as



32 (1973)

Date of birth

September 13, 1941


Collinsport, Maine



Supernatural abilities

Split personality

Family members

Molly Longworth (Mother)

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This article is about Cyrus Longworth of the regular timeband who first featured in the audio play The Enemy Within. His Parallel Time equivalent was Cyrus Longworth (PT).

Cyrus Longworth was a handyman living in Bangor, having originally grown up as a child in Collinsport. His mother was Molly Longworth.

Due to the machinations of the Dark Lord in 1941, concealed inside Cyrus was the son of the Dark Lord himself (The Fall of the House of Trask). This alter ego, named John, was able to communicate with Cyrus, and at times was able to control Cyrus' body, becoming the dominant personality.

During his teenage years, Cyrus was sent to a strict reform school after becoming something of trouble maker. Cyrus once dreamed of becoming a scientist and may still do so. In 1973, his neighbor was Sabrina Stuart with whom he formed a close friendship (The Enemy Within).

Background information and notes[]

  • This version of Cyrus never appeared in televised episodes, the character instead featuring in continuity established by the Big Finish Audio Dramas.