This page is a list of the curses featured in the original series of Dark Shadows.

The Vampire Curse (1795)Edit

After an argument, Barnabas Collins shoots Angelique. Mortally wounded, Angelique puts a curse on Barnabas that anyone who loves him will die. A bat bites Barnabas, causing him to die and rise as a vampire. (405, 411)

The Dream Curse (1968)Edit

Angelique comes to Barnabas Collins in a dream and tells him that she will turn him back to a vampire through a dream curse. (477)

The Premature Burial Curse (1968)Edit

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard sees Cassandra Collins kissing Tony Peterson and threatens to tell Roger Collins. Cassandra puts Elizabeth under a curse to make her become obsessed with her own death. (513)

The Werewolf Curse (1897)Edit

Magda Rakosi tricks Quentin Collins into drinking the potion and tells him a curse will begin that night. At nightfall Magda performs a ceremony to complete the curse causing Quentin to transform into a werewolf whenever there is a full moon. (749, 750, 753)

Julianka’s Curse (1897)Edit

Barnabas Collins, Magda Rakosi and Quentin Collins hold a séance to contact Julianka. Julianka appears but refuses to help them and puts a curse on Magda that causes everyone that she loves to die. Sandor Rakosi is found dead with a knife in his back and Quentin’s unnamed son also dies as a result. (797, 798)

The Shadow Curse I (1970)Edit

Angelique puts a shadow on Jeb Hawkes that will follow and destroy him. Jeb begs Angelique to stop the shadow from following him. She tells him how he can transfer the shadow to someone else. Jeb puts the shadow on Nicholas Blair; it attacks and kills him. (968, 974, 978, 979)

Judah Zachery’s Curse (1692)Edit

Julia Hoffman discovers that there is a curse on the families of the jurors who convicted Judah Zachery. Amadeus Collins was a judge at Judah’s trial. Judah swore to put a curse on the Collins family. (1131, 1140)

The Shadow Curse II (1840)Edit

Judah Zachery causes the shadow of death to fall on Mordecai Grimes. (1184)

The Cursed Room Lottery (1841PT)Edit

In a parallel universe, one person from every generation of the Collins family is chosen by lottery to spend a night in the locked room. Everyone who has ever entered this locked room has died or ended up mad. In 1680, Brutus Collins set the curse on Collinwood declaring that only a person who is capable of surviving a night in the locked room would be worthy of the Collins name. (1199, 1231)