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Cranshaw House was a large, Gothic estate built upon the beach near Widow's Hill in Collinsport, Maine. It was located a very short distance away from the equally impressive Collinwood estate and a small footpath existed connecting the two properties together.

A mariner named Captain Cranshaw built the house some time in the 1800s. Cranshaw designed the house to accommodate a secret vault, hidden below the cellar of the mansion. The vault was designed to contain the vast amounts of treasure he had acquired from his years upon the sea. Entrance into the vault was gained by pressing upon a stone slab in the cellar. There was also a secondary alcove built into the entranceway which contained a valve that could channel hundreds of gallons of sea water directly into the vault, flooding the entire compartment. Cranshaw built this as a defence measure should anyone ever try to steal his treasure from him.

Cranshaw eventually passed away with no apparent heirs to his estate.

In 1910, the werewolf known as Chris Jennings purchased Cranshaw House and moved in with his new bride, Paula.

Chris Jennings learned of the secret vault (now empty) and converted it into an altar room by which to conduct black magic rituals with his partner, Melissa Henry. His plans never came to fruition however as Barnabas Collins opened the hidden valve, flooding the chamber with seawater thus drowning Chris and Melissa.

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The Foe of Barnabas Collins

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